Souping for Health: 40 stunning plant-based low-salt soups


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Souping for Health:

40 stunning plant-based vegan low-salt soup recipes from Lisa Brant at La Crisalida Retreats

Soups make a tasty and nutritious meal, which can be enjoyed all year round. They are a popular part of our winter menu here at the retreat, enjoyed by guests and staff alike. Each year we introduce new soups to the menu and serve up some of the old favourites! We are delighted to share with you this new collection of 40 plant-based soups, for you to enjoy making and eating at home.

All recipes included in the book are plant-based (vegan) and naturally gluten-free. At the retreat the recipes contain no added salt, so now is the time to throw away your stock cubes. Instead we rely on the natural sodium present in vegetables to bring some saltiness. We use plenty of herbs and spices (including lemon juice) as seasoning to enhance the flavours of the natural ingredients.

There are five chapters in this 75 page e-cookbook, all fully illustrated, covering:

Soup-making staples: including how to make a great homemade vegetable stock (2 methods), and items to add to your store-cupboard to make soup-making simple.
Quick and easy soup recipes: soups that take less than 30 minutes to make from scratch, with easy to follow instructions, usually in one pan.
Light and low soups: ideal if you are trying to stick to a lower calorie diet or want to enjoy a lighter soup.
Comfort soups: these are the soups that make you smile all the way up from your toes, perfect for warming and giving you a hug.
Dinner party impressive soups: when you want to show family or friends that plant-based food is full of flavour. These soup recipes tend to contain more complicated ingredients, or take a little longer to prepare.

The recipes are easy to follow, enabling you to make delicious homemade soups.

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For only 9€, you too can make delicious, nutritious and tasty plant-based soup at home. Add your copy to the cart now. Happy soup making!